'Newsroom' anchor Ruth Cabal returning to 'Newsroom Ngayon'

By Media Newser Philippines | Sunday, October 06, 2019

Screenshot: CNN Philippines
Days after returning from her weeks-long vacation, Newsroom primetime anchor Ruth Cabal announced that she will be returning to her old morning timeslot.

At the end of her broadcast Friday, Cabal made the quick announcement, telling CNN Philippines viewers, "I'll see you at Newsroom Ngayon starting Monday at 10AM."

Prior to transferring to primetime last year — where she switched places with then-CNN Philippines anchor Cherie Mercado — Cabal was the original anchor of Newsroom Ngayon since its debut in February of 2017.

In an interview with CNN Philippines Life last year, Cabal talked about how involved she was in producing the lineup for the morning program.

"‘Yung 10 o’clock kasi, nandun lagi ‘yung transition, ‘yung mga pumapasok na bagong [developments]. Minsan ‘yung morning show and then yung 8 o’clock news, ‘yun pa ‘yung mga storya na galing sa kagabi. Kaya lagi kong sinasabi rin sa [team], dapat ‘pag dating natin ng 10AM, the story is already moving forward," she said.

No permanent replacement has been selected yet for the 9 o'clock edition of Newsroom. For now, a source told us that there will be a rotating cast of guest anchors.

Question: Who do you think should be the new anchor of Newsroom, and why? Let us know below.

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