DZBB's Joel Reyes Zobel claps back at Ben Tulfo

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, May 08, 2018

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DZBB mainstay Joel Reyes Zobel clapped back hard against Ben Tulfo on Monday, saying that somebody should be held accountable for the P60-million tourism advertisement controversy.

In a series of posts on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, the veteran radio broadcaster brutally roasted the host of Kilos Pronto for his and his brother Erwin's "improper business dealing" with the state-run PTV4 network and the Department of Tourism.

"Improper business dealing — this arises when a transaction of direct or indirect payments, whether in cash or in other things of value, results in a special treatment to one party at the expense of others similarly situated. If PTV4 can show that it placed other ads in other programs at the same time, then there is no issue. Bakit may local placement ang Department of Tourism? Bakit may placement sa isang crime/public service program? Marketing classes tell you that is not the target audience. You want to promote Philippine tourism in a crime and vulgarity ridden program? Mukhang may mali ata rito," he wrote.

In a separate tweet, Zobel also stressed that returning the P60-million ad payment to PTV4 — which Ferdinand Topacio, the legal counsel and spokesperson of Wanda Teo, announced on Monday — or resigning aren't enough.

This is not the first time that Zobel took to social media to throw shades at Tulfo. Last week, when Tulfo called him a "muchacho" on his radio program, Ben Tulfo Unfiltered, Zobel tweeted the following:

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