MNP Poll: Who should be the new male anchor of '24 Oras Weekend'?

By Media Newser Philippines | Monday, April 30, 2018

Photo: GMA-7, Jun Veneracion
Logo: GMA-7
Artwork: Media Newser Philippines
As it is now official that now-former GMA News anchor Jiggy Manicad will no longer appear on 24 Oras Weekend — the newscast which he co-anchored for 8 years — following his decision to run for next year's senatorial race, the question now shifts to who will replace him.

GMA News bosses could make a decision about it as soon as this coming May, and there are apparently limitless choices internally. If the grapevine is to be believed, there are four names in the running, and they are the following: Balitanghali's Raffy Tima, Unang Hirit's Ivan Mayrina, News To Go's Howie Severino, and Balitang Weekend's Jun Veneracion.

For our brand new MNP Poll, we'd like to ask you this question: Who do you think should be the new male co-anchor of 24 Oras Weekend? Cast your vote below and participate in the discussion via our comment box. You can also post your comments on our Facebook page or tweet us @medianewserphil.

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