Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno makes evening news rounds

By Media Newser Philippines | Friday, March 09, 2018

Screenshot: CNN Philippines/GMA News TV

On the same day the House Committee on Justice voted 38-2, saying there was a probable cause for her impeachment, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno made the rounds on two major evening news broadcasts.

Appearing just after the airing of the 6 o'clock edition of News Night, CNN Philippines anchor Pinky Webb went live and asked the top magistrate about the outcome of Thursday's hearing.

"At last they made the decision because what I think is that they have dragged this case long enough and I always have made the call that if they have any basis to find probable cause that they should send it to the Senate," she said.

Sereno said the hearings "have proven nothing," and stressed that they were denied the chance to "confront, clarify, question, cross-examine any of the resource persons" presented during the impeachment proceedings, which totaled to no less than fifteen.

"I think people know that first, I did submit a verified answer and it was a pretty exhaustive, verified answer to all the allegations. The primary consideration for us was how we will be able to participate in the hearings. Early on we said that I have so much work at the court, I cannot be there every day. Of course I have the right to be represented by counsel, and it was denied me," she said.

In a separate interview with Jessica Soho on State of the Nation, Sereno was asked about Atty. Larry Gadon, the lawyer who filed the impeachment complaint against her last year. Asked if she knows about his motives, she said: "May pinag-uugatan siguro ito na hindi ko lang alam nang personal. Pero ang kailangan tanungin ng mga tao ay may sumususi ba sa lahat ng mga nangyayari ngayon? So magandang palaisipan 'yan sa lahat pero ako wala akong personal na pagkakakilala sa kanya kaya hindi ko alam ang motibo niya."

Sereno said she is vowed to continue fighting and is ready to face the Senate impeachment court.

"Yung fifteen hearings pong 'yun, palagay niyo ho hindi halos lahat triny na nilang itapon sa akin. Napakatindi po nang nangyari nung fifteen na 'yun. Kung hindi po akong umatras dun sa kinseng hearings na 'yun, na hindi ako binigyan ng pagkakataong maibigay ang aking panig through my lawyers, o bakit pa ngayon ako aatras?" she said.

Also scheduled to interview Sereno is Atty. Mel Sta. Maria. It will air live on his webshow Diskusyon with Dean Mel tomorrow, March 10, at 2PM. You can watch the teaser of the interview below and follow its Facebook page for more details.

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