'Newsroom' anchor Cherie Mercado talks about her experience working in the government

By Media Newser Philippines | Sunday, February 18, 2018

Photo: JL Javier/CNN Philippines Life
Newly installed Newsroom anchor Cherie Mercado recently spoke to CNN Philippines Life, the network's lifestyle digital platform, about her experience working in the Duterte administration.

The former spokesperson of the Department of Transportation, who last week made her debut as the local CNN station's new primetime anchor, said working in the government for a year gave her a different perspective on how the system works.

"I used to be very cynical, very impatient with government processes. Now, I realize that even if you want things to move fast, the system, our system in government, just prevents it because of all the processes that you have to go through," she said.

"When I was in government, I saw that officials were scared to sign things, to move things, because somebody can target them for any political motivation and try to find something that they signed, and that can go against them," she added.

Asked if she has had trouble expressing her opinion about the state of the country given her stint in government service, the former TV5 anchor said: "You're vigilant, you're trying to watch what the government is doing, but I don't believe in distrust because there are good people in government. And what kind of relationship will work if it's based on distrust anyway?"

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