Layoffs hit CNN Philippines

By Media Newser Philippines | Thursday, January 11, 2018

CNN Philippines has began laying off employees as part of its reorganization.

According to Buhay Media, at least 60 employees were being let go, most of them in the production department, including artists, editors and cameramen; and other personnel from the engineering and IT departments.

In a termination letter dated January 11, which was also obtained by Buhay Media but has since been deleted, the network said that "after thorough review and various consultations, the company has decided to streamline its current organizational structure by rationalizing positions and determining the ideal number of employees to perform various functions."

It added that they have "exerted all efforts to retain its current workforce but the new organizational structure of the company and business exigencies require reduction of personnel."

In a statement, Buhay Media said they "stand with our colleagues" at the local CNN station, adding that "we continue to call the attention of media stakeholders and legislators to address the issues faced by the industry."

"At a time where fake news is rampant, and the call for accountability and truth is ever so crucial, we must fiercely support our news institutions so they may not crumble when they are needed the most," the group said.

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