Charles Tiu takes over as anchor of 'Sports Desk'

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Screenshot: CNN Philippines
CNN Philippines basketball analyst Charles Tiu has been named as the new interim anchor of Sports Desk, replacing Mico Halili who vacated his post last week.

The 28-year-old head coach of Mighty Sports will temporarily anchor the long-running nightly sports program, which, according to our sources, will soon be canceled as part of the network's reorganization.

"Wow, don't know how I got here but I'm anchoring CNN Sportsdesk .. at least temporarily! #cnn thank you @micohalili," Tiu posted on his Instagram account Monday.

Tiu, who is the brother of PBA veteran Chris Tiu, has been an analyst for the local CNN station, as well as Sports5 (now known as ESPN5), since 2015. Previously, he worked for outlets such as Fox Sports, GMA News Online, ABS-CBN Sports, and NBA Philippines.

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