Gordon and Trillanes hit the morning talk show circuit

By Media Newser Philippines | Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Screenshot: ANC/CNN Philippines
Discussing a range of issues, including his feud with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, Sen. Richard Gordon made his live TV guesting on ANC's Headstart Tuesday.

Asked what he hopes to come out of the ethics complaint he filed against Trillanes, Gordon told host Karen Davila that he wants him expelled from the Senate.

"I don’t think he belongs in the Senate. His behavior is really out of line," he said. "You don’t call people names. You don’t insult your teammates."

(Gordon has been accused of "lawyering" for President Rodrigo Duterte and his family.)

"There are rules. He doesn’t know his rules that’s why he goes up to the deep end. And when that happens, what do you have? A mob. You cannot have a mob in the Senate. People are expected to act in a certain way," he added.

Responding to Gordon's criticism, Trillanes said his Senate colleague "has a history of clearing" high-ranking officials in government.

"He started with GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo). He defended GMA and other senior officials in the government when he was chairman of Blue Ribbon Committee then," Trillanes said in an interview with Pinky Webb on The Source.

"He cleared Duterte in the EJK hearings when he replaced Sen. De Lima [as chair]. He cleared [DOJ] Sec. Aguirre and other high officials of government in the Bureau of Immigration bribery scandal. So, there was a basis in that term," Trillanes added.

According to the feisty senator, he is ready to face the complaint "willingly and wholeheartedly because I'm confident I didn't do anything wrong."

"Senator Gordon wants me expelled for that particular episode. How petty is that?" Trillanes said, adding that Gordon is just pushing for the complaint to show loyalty to his "political patron" — President Duterte.

"Senator Gordon can fantasize about that scenario. It's not going to happen. I believe the senators know me well enough, that this thing he's alleging is not true. I trust their wisdom and good judgment," he added.

Aside from these live interviews, the two senators also appeared on Monday's Bawal Ang Pasaway Kay Mareng Winnie.

Watch the video below:

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