Jam Sisante receives death threat after reporting on Sen. Trillanes' non-existent bank account

By Media Newser Philippines | Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Screenshot: GMA-7
GMA News reporter Jam Sisante received a death threat after reporting on Sen. Antonio Trillanes' non-existent bank account in Singapore.

As narrated by Ivan Mayrina on his Facebook account, which has since been reposted by his network colleagues, Sisante received a threat shortly after the airing of her televised report on 24 Oras.

"So my friend and colleague Jam Sisante covered Senator Trillanes in Singapore and reported the news about the non-existence of his supposed accounts in a bank there. Shortly after her report aired over 24 Oras, she received a nasty message. Magkano daw ba ang binayad sa kanya? Ingat daw siya at baka matagpuan na lang siya na nakasilid sa sako," Mayrina wrote.

"First: Jam is GMA News' Senate reporter. The event was a legit Senate story. She was doing her job. Second: Hindi mo nagustuhan ang report niya. Hindi tumugma sa paniniwala mo ang ni-report niya. So you accuse her of being corrupt? And corruption justifies murder?" he added.

Noting that Sisante, just like any other journalist, is just doing her job, Mayrina wrote: "People, let's get this straight. Enough of shooting the messenger. Trabaho namin ang mag-cover at mag-report. At kapag nag-report kami ng labag sa paniniwala mo, that doesn't make us paid hacks and should not make us targets of your murderous rage."

Sisante is just among the local reporters who flew to Singapore to cover Sen. Trillanes as he tries to disprove President Rodrigo Duterte's claims that he had two foreign bank accounts. As reported on Tuesday by the local media, including Sisante, ABS-CBN's Sherrie Ann Torres and TV5's Mae Anne Los Baños, the senator's supposed account in DBS Bank does not exist.

Watch Sisante's report on 24 Oras below:

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