CNN Philippines' Armie Jarin-Bennett: 'What we're trying to do is to earn your trust'

By Media Newser Philippines | Friday, August 04, 2017

Photo: CNN Philippines Life
CNN Philippines President Armie Jarin-Bennett was one of the invited speakers at the recent "Inspire Every Day" event organized by the Ayala Museum.

The head honcho of the fast-growing local CNN station talked about her incredible rise from being a radio newscaster in Manila to becoming an executive at CNN International.

"After college I became a radio newscaster, not because it was my dream to be one, it was just convenient," she said in front of a millennial audience. "I got the job, it worked out perfectly. That's how my career in media started. I was a newscaster reading the news at top of the hour."

Saying that it was her eight-year stint on radio that made her "want to do more," Jarin-Bennett revealed that she once worked as a freelance news writer for one of the local TV networks, GMA-7.

"A few years later, I freelanced at GMA-7. I decided to write the top of the hour news during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 — when Iraq invaded Kuwait. The TV station then needed an extra hand because it was such a busy news time and I had extra time in my hands," recalled Jarin-Bennett, who, in an interview with The Philippine Star, said that she once audition for a newscaster post at the Kapuso Network.

Talking about her return to the country in 2015 to head up CNN Philippines, Jarin-Bennett said it was her desire to give back to the Filipino community that made her decide to come home.

"I really want to give back. I really want to do meaningful work here in the Philippines, and to be able to tell the story of the Filipino," she said. "We in media can do so much work for you. As the fourth pillar of democracy, our job is to inform you, to educate you, to explain things to you."

Jarin-Bennett continued: "We have a huge responsibility in media and we at CNN Philippines take that very seriously. What we're trying to do, we consistently do, is to earn your trust. Kasi 'pag you trust us, you know that we're doing what is best for the country and for society, you will respect us, you will become loyal to us, and we are very careful to never fail you. We don't want to betray that trust."

Watch Jarin-Bennett's talk at the Inspire Every Day 2017 event below:

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