Michelle Orosa-Ople resigns as TV5 reporter

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Screenshot: TV5
Michelle Orosa-Ople, the longtime business news reporter of TV5, has resigned.

In a series of photos posted on her Facebook account Thursday, the now-former anchor of Aksyon Alert relished her last day as a Kapatid reporter.

"I found myself spending my last day as a reporter among switchyards, transformers busted by an earthquake, angry press and residents, the bravest and most hardworking linemen ever, graphs upon graphs, drawings upon drawings on any piece of paper or napkin as engineers tried their hardest to explain solutions, chartered planes and hangars, laughs among great friends — and amid all these, I clung possessively onto facts I knew. I knew I was in a space I love, and in a space I call home," she wrote.

Dropping a hint as to where she is heading next — our sources say she is moving into the world of public relations — Orosa-Ople wrote: "In a few days, I'll be in a space I hardly know. A space with new people, and new experiences to explore. It's challenging and exciting and a lot of words I can't describe just yet. A new home. And, surely someday, a new love."

Clarifying that she only resigned as a TV5 reporter, Orosa-Ople said that she will "stay on" as anchor of the long-running Radyo5 News FM program Oplan Asenso.

Orosa-Ople joined TV5 in 2010 after a three-year stint at the ABS-CBN News Channel, where she worked as a business news writer and producer. From covering business news for TV5, she has also contributed stories for its sister news channel Bloomberg TV Philippines.

Previously, she worked as a senior editorial assistant for BizNews Asia Magazine

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