Watch: Jessica Soho and Mike Enriquez appear on '60 Minutes Australia'

By Media Newser Philippines | Monday, June 12, 2017

Screenshot: 60 Minutes Australia
Jessica Soho and Mike Enriquez sat down with 60 Minutes Australia correspondent Liam Bartlett earlier this month to talk about their participation in the much talked about reunion between Filipino-Australian filmmaker Jojo De Carteret and his biological mother Herminia.

Soho, whose weekend magazine show featured Joel's story a number of times, described the circumstances of his life as "a wonderful story to tell."

"It was a beautiful moment seeing the two mothers and Joel together," she said. "We wish there were more happy endings in this world, right?"

Enriquez, whose radio program on DZBB was also instrumental in searching for Herminia, said stories like Joel's make it all worth it.

"Thank God that's the way it turned out. This was meant to be. We were just instruments for Joel and his mother and for everybody else," he said. "There will be more Joels in our station, in our studio, in our lives, and what we did for Joel, we will do for everybody equally, if not with even more intensity. That's what we're here for.

Watch the video below:

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