CNN Philippines' Gilbert Remulla engages in Twitter war of words with netizens

By Media Newser Philippines | Saturday, June 17, 2017

Screenshot: Gilbert Remulla
CNN Philippines host and political analyst Gilbert Remulla has been in a fighting mood these past days, engaging in a Twitter word war with dozens of netizens.

The back-and-forth exchanges began when Remulla retweeted a recent Inquirer story on the state of President Rodrigo Duterte's health -- which opposition lawmakers called a “national security issue” — and included his own commentary, in which he said, "I have a feeling the president is just amusing himself at how the opposition is wishful(lly) thinking about his health. #icouldbewrong #sanahindi."

Twitter user @iwriteasiwrite responded to Remulla's musings, writing, "Well this is just silly. Duterte is purposefully not front and center during a national crisis (their construct) because he's trolling?" to which Remulla responded, "Like I said. It's a feeling. Nothing more. Nothing less."

From there, things quickly got heated, with some netizens calling the ex-politician "trapo" and a Duterte "fanatic."

"It is the right of all Filipino people to know the health situation of their leader to feel assured and secure. Photos don't qualify anymore." wrote one netizen. Another one tweeted, "As Filipinos, our loyalty should be sa flag o sa bayan. Hindi sa kung sino man nakapwesto. Fanatic tawag dun. Kunsyensya naman!"

Remulla, who is the host of CNN Philippines' weekly public affairs show Political Insider, didn't hold back and responded to his critics. "Go hide under a rock. Di ka marunong lumaban ng harap harapan. Wala ka pala. Fucking yellow," he wrote in response to an anonymous Twitter user who also called him "trapo" (traditional politician).

"I'm only an asshole to cowards who hide behind anonymous twitter accounts. Other than that, I'm a pretty likeable guy," he wrote in another tweet, adding that he believes "one shouldn't hide behind anonymity if one were to debate."

Let it be an even playing field," he said. "Other than that, it's cowardice."

Singer Leah Navarro, who is known to be a supporter of former President Noynoy Aquino, also chimed in and posted an old photo of Remulla with anti-GMA activists. "So you hate Dilaw. That's hypocritical -- back in the anti-GMA days you stood with us. Take heart, you're not the only trapo in this photo," she said.

Remulla is a former politician and served as a representative in the 2nd district of Cavite. He returned to TV last year as the resident political analyst for CNN Philippines. Previously, he worked as a TV reporter for ABS-CBN News.

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