PTV4 to launch new morning show 'Bagong Pilipinas'

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Photo: Jules Guiang
More changes are being made to establish PTV Channel 4 as an "alternative" to the major networks.

Beginning Wednesday, May 17, the state-owned television network will debut its newest morning show Bagong Pilipinas -- replacing the long-running Good Morning Pilipinas, which was abruptly canceled earlier this month.

"We're going back on-air! Catch @PTVph's newest morning show #BagongPilipinas on Wednesday, 7am! @MediaNewserPhil #PTV," wrote one of the show's millennial hosts, Jules Guiang, on his Twitter account.

Completing its on-air team are Good Morning Pilipinas holdovers Karla Paderna and Diane Medina. (Audrey Gorriceta and Diane Querrer will proceed with their new assignments on Daily Info.)

Major changes at the network have been expected since President Rodrigo Duterte took office last year. Aside from Bagong Pilipinas, PTV4 is also set to launch a new daily public service program to be hosted by comedian and Duterte supporter Arnell Ignacio, as well as the reboot of Mocha Uson's now-canceled DZRH News Television program, Mocha Uson Blog: Boses Ng Ordinaryong Pilipino.

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