TV5 President and CEO Chot Reyes talks about Erwin Tulfo's departure from 'Aksyon'

By Media Newser Philippines | Thursday, April 20, 2017

Photo: Chot Reyes/TV5
TV5 President and CEO Vincent "Chot" Reyes spoke to Philippine Entertainment Portal about the departure of Erwin Tulfo from Aksyon, the network's flagship evening newscast.

During a recent press conference for the Kapatid Network's monthly made-for-TV movie special Brillante Mendoza Presents, Reyes said that the decision for Tulfo to leave the anchor chair "was mutually agreed upon."

“I think he’s decided to pursue other endeavors," he said. “Pero he’s still with us sa radyo pa, sa Punto Asintado. Wala lang siya now sa TV."

He added, “I guess it’s all part of what’s happening within the station now — the evolution, the changes that are happening. And, you know, like I said, we always had the opportunity naman to talk ni Erwin.”

Asked whether he tried to convince Tulfo to stay, Reyes said that it wasn't up to him but to the head of News5, Luchi Cruz-Valdes.

“My job is to support her as my head of news so it’s really something na pinag-usapan nilang dalawa then I supported the decision," he said. “I’d like to think that it’s a very amicable situation. I harbor no ill feelings. I hope he doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards me."

“Wala naman kaming masamang pinag-ano… na hindi pinagkakaunawaan,” he added.

Media Newser Philippines, citing sources from the network, first reported about Tulfo's exit from Aksyon on April 8.

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