Jamela Alindogan honored for her work in journalism

By MediaNewser.com | Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Photo: FEU
Jamela Alindogan of Al Jazeera English has been recognized by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and UNESCO as one of ten female journalists from around the world who have defied "hate speech and threat," and who have "pursued their mission of providing citizens with the information needed to make enlightened decisions about their lives, their communities and their governments."

Alindogan, who is the only Filipino among the honorees, was recently invited to Stockholm to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Swedish Freedom of the Press Act, along with the other nine journalists, namely Barkha Dutt, Laura Castellanos, Galina Timochenko, Jessikka Aro, Anita Sarkeesian, Miranda Patrucic, Baria Alamuddin, Anita Sarkeesian, Fatuma Noor and Anna Gullberg.

"It is a great honor from me to be recognized alongside other amazing female journalists from around the world," said Alindogan in a statement. "We face unprecedented challenges when it comes to press freedom but I believe there has also never been a greater time to be a journalist."

She added, "My nine years with Al Jazeera has definitely enriched my experience and understanding of a journalism, a profession I consider both a privilege and a calling.”

Alindogan has been with Al Jazeera English since 2008, off from a successful career at ABS-CBN News. She has covered many historic events in South East Asia, including the elections in Indonesia and Malaysia, the protests in Vietnam and Cambodia, and the conflict in southern Philippines.

Recently, she scored an exclusive sit-down interview with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, which she conducted along with her colleague Wayne Hay.

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