Jasmin Romero tops Media Newser's UKG poll

By Media Newser Philippines | Friday, December 11, 2015

ABS-CBN reporter Jasmin Romero is the most preferred choice among Media Newser Philippines readers to become the new female anchor of Umagang Kay Ganda.

According to the results of our MNP Poll conducted online via our website, 26.48 percent of our readers favored Romero over the other choices — most of whom are homegrown talents of the Kapamilya Network — but she statistically tied with Salamat Dok's Jing Castañeda, who ranked close second with 26.13 percent.

ANC's Raine Musñgi ranked third with a strong 18.11 percent, followed by DZMM's Toni Aquino with 15.34 percent, and reporter Pia Gutierrez with 6.28 percent.
Niña Corpuz, meanwhile, ranked sixth with 2.15 percent, followed by Tina Marasigan and Zen Hernandez with 2.05 percent and 2.03 percent, respectively. 

Other names suggested by our readers to become the new UKG female anchor are the following: Gigi Grande, Gretchen Ho, Rhea Santos, Connie Sison, Pinky Webb, Christine Bersola-Babao, and Cathy Yang.
We should also point out some of the comments — now close to more than 120 — this poll has gotten since it was published back in October.

On one end of the spectrum, many agree that any of the top three choices would be a perfect addition to Umagang Kay Ganda, while at the other end were a lot of suggestions directed towards the show's production team.

Abigail Demaisip wrote: "My vote goes to either Jing, Jasmin and Raine. Jing because she's an industry veteran and she deserves her own show. Jasmin because she's really good and feisty. Girl has a lot of grit. She reminds me of a young Korina only better. Sorry Korina! :) Raine because if UKG wants someone who can knock Connie or Rhea in the beauty and brains department, she's the one who qualifies."
Photo: Raine Musngi
Another commenter by the name Justin Caparas wrote: "Tina Marasigan is already in UKG, but I won't accept her being Ate B's replacement. She is more suited to doing features like Ariel Ureta and Winnie Cordero. As for Ate B's replacement, Raine Musngi and Jasmin Romero should be her replacement. Remember the good ol' days of UKG? It had Ate B, Pinky Webb, Alex Santos and Ka Tunying as news anchors. They can replicate it again with Jasmin and Raine as part of the anchor team, but I believe that they should replace Jorge Cariño with either Henry Omaga-Diaz or Julius Babao. Mas bagay yung dalawa sa morning show, especially Julius since he was one of the news anchors of UKG's predecessor, Alas Singko Y Medya/Magandang Umaga Pilipinas."

A commenter by the name Gwen Calimlim, meanwhile, made mention of GMA-7's Unang Hirit and suggested that the UKG team should be more serious about finding Bernadette Sembrano's permanent replacement: "I think UKG really need to take this seriously. I think UH has an advantage with Rhea and Connie being there. So I think UKG should hire a female anchor with enough credibility and appeal like those two. I agree with the posters below, Raine Musngi fits the bill of someone who can compete with Rhea Santos or Connie Sison, so as Jasmin Romero, who I consider to be an outstanding storyteller."

Our poll ran from October 3 to December 10, and accumulated a total of 26,884 votes. Feel free to peruse the results of this poll and let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook page. You can also tweet us @medianewserphil.

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