ANC tops MNP's APEC 2015 coverage poll, ABS-CBN ranks second

By Media Newser Philippines | Saturday, November 21, 2015

Top-notch reporting really matters. With a very laudable coverage of the recently concluded Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, the ABS-CBN News Channel has once again topped our MNP Poll with a strong 35.56%.

Many of our readers commended the news channel's wall-to-wall coverage of the APEC 2015, and in particular, praised the exclusive interviews conducted by some of its top news anchors.

Among the highlights of ANC's coverage were interviews with PricewaterhouseCoopers International Chairman Dennis M. Nally, conducted by Cathy Yang; Ian Bremmer of The Eurasia Group and Scott Anthony of Innosight, conducted by Karen Davila; and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, conducted by Ces Oreña-Drilon.

"ANC, of course, and not even close," wrote one of our readers. "They have the most concise coverage, thanks to Cathy Yang, Karen Davila, Lynda Jumilla, Ces Drilon and team. That is what ANC brings to table, experience that you wouldn't get from CNN Philippines or Bloomberg TV Philippines."

Another wrote, "Imagine the experience they bring to the coverage. These people [from ANC] are the most well-rounded media personalities you see on TV today: anchor/correspondent/producer/reporter."

ANC's parent company, ABS-CBN, ranked second overall with 20.41%, followed by GMA NewsTV's 12.53%, and GMA-7's 10.27%.

Rounding out our poll were TV5 with 8.7%, PTV4 with 5.45%, Bloomberg TV Philippines with 5.41%, and CNN Philippines, with a dismal 1.67%.

The localized CNN network, however, scored some positive comments, with our readers praising Karen Jimeno's interview with Ambassador Marciano A. Paynor Jr., director general of the APEC 2015, on Legal HD on Tuesday. One of our readers remarked, "At CNN Philippines, I was amazed by Karen Jimeno's tenacity. She knows how to ask her guest important questions about the APEC."

Our poll ran from November 17-20 and accumulated a total of 12,219 votes. Feel free to share your thoughts on the results of this poll by posting your comments below or on our Facebook page. You can also tweet us @medianewserphil.

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