Pinoy Fuse interviews ANC anchor Cathy Yang

By Media Newser Philippines | Saturday, August 22, 2015

An expansive feature on the DBC Hong Kong website by Pinoy Fuse takes a look at the story of Cathy Yang as an OFW or Overseas Filipino Worker.

Yang, who has officially signed a deal to become an anchor and managing editor for ANC, was an OFW for 15 years, having worked as an anchor and reporter to some of the top broadcast news companies in both Japan and Hong Kong.

“I had initially been conflicted being labeled as an ‘OFW' or Overseas Filipino Worker," Yang told Pinoy Fuse. "Am I one, or am I an expat? Airport staff and fellow OFWs used to redirect me from the OFW-only queue for airport taxes. They'd tell me, 'Ma'am duon po kayo,' pointing to the regular queue. Then I would insist, hindi po, may OEC po ako."

Excerpts from the interview after the jump...

Pinoy Fuse: I’ve said it before I always admire your humility. Everywhere you go, it’s the sharing. You always make sure na there’s something that you learn, from whatever experience man good or bad.
Cathy Yang: Well, masasabi ko na rin the sharing doesn’t always have to be verbal dahil na-obserbahan ko rin eh ang aking pagbiyahe sa Maynila kada linggo ay naging inspirasyon din para sa mga katulad kong parent commuters na i-pursige ang kanilang pagbibiyahe kada linggo rin para makapiling din ang kanilang mga pamilya sa Maynila. There are those not fortunate enough to fly frequently, but you know what? It can be done to stay communicated in this day and age. Keep in touch, make sure you find time kahit 10 minutes lang. Make sure you appoint a time to talk to your kids, your husband. Kailangan ‘yun eh at ngayon may WhatsApp na, may Viber na. It no longer is a much of a cost.

PF: What do you look forward to as you go home for good? 
CY: All the more I think I will appreciate the culture that I have always known and differentiated with versus other cultures I've lived and worked in for 15 years. It’s always been in me because I grew up in the Philippines. Ayun nga lang may konteng ano..may transition din yan for sure.

(Read full interview here)

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