Bloomberg TV Philippines to officially debut in September: Will you be watching?

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When AksyonTV was launched in 2011, many expected that it would change the way we consume the news. Billed as the country's first news channel on free television, AksyonTV was devised as an alternative to longtime leader, the ABS-CBN News Channel, with programs ranging from documentaries, newscasts, infotainment shows, and many others.

But bad management would ruin what was once a promising venture for the MVP Group. Critically acclaimed newscasts like Balitang 60 and Andar Ng Mga Balita were cancelled, while special broadcasts like the senate hearings and inquiries were all set aside to give way to sports coverages.

As it stands, AksyonTV has only met failure. Not only did it fail to compete with ANC, but it was also outperformed by GMA NewsTV, GMA-7's sister station which was launched the same time in 2011.

The channel also failed to live up to some reasonable expectations, and not to mention, failed to do what it was supposed to do -- to break the news and do more news.

In that light, TV5 is joining forces with Bloomberg Television to launch the country's first 24-hour business news channel -- a bid for supremacy in the news channel race.

Having been part of the local TV industry for quite some time now, it's now up to TV5 CEO and President Noel Lorenzana, Bloomberg TV Philippines channel head Twink Macaraig and company to impress us with what they're offering come September -- during its official launching.

Can they live up to the pride and pressure of being the country's first business news channel? How will they fare against CNN Philippines and the heavyweights ABS-CBN News Channel and GMA NewsTV? Those are just few of the questions bound up in the move.

In a recent interview with Rappler, Lorenzana said their aim is to make Bloomberg TV Philippines the "best Bloomberg news channel country in the world." If they are really up to that challenge, then we should start expecting more. God bless them for even trying.

So, now the question is, will you be watching Bloomberg TV Philippines? Let us know by voting in our MNP Poll below. You can also post your conments below or on our Facebook page and Twitter account @medianewserphil!

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