10 journalists who would be perfect for Bloomberg TV Philippines

By MediaNewser.com | Wednesday, April 01, 2015

As Media Newser Philippines first reported, Manny Pangilinan is expanding his media empire by partnering with Bloomberg.

Last week, TV5 and Cignal Digital TV officially signed a deal with the American-based international cable and satellite news network for the launch of a localized business news channel, set for the third quarter of 2015.

According to a recent interview with TV5 President Noel Lorenzana on Reaksyon, viewers should not only expect business-centric programs on Bloomberg TV Philippines, but also a variety of lifestyle and infotainment shows.

Assuming this would also mean that they would be taking a different route this time around (to put it bluntly: hiring more journalists instead of the usual EMAJs), here are the top 10 journalists who would be perfect to join Twink Macaraig and Rod Nepomuceno on the network's anchor/host lineup.

10. Michelle Ong
Rising ANC newser and one of Coco Alcuaz's mentees, Michelle Ong, has shown she can handle the big time by impressing the viewers with her wit and charm while doing the stock market reporting to some of the cable news channel's programs. Bloomberg TV Philippines would be lucky to have Ong in their lineup as she is one of the most passionate young journalists in TV today.

9. Michelle Orosa
It's likely that Michelle Orosa is already lined up to join Bloomberg TV Philippines. After all, she is the go-to business reporter on TV5 — the one who can manage to dissect business-related issues and simplify them to make them more appealing and understandable to the viewers.

If they are serious about rehabilitating News5's image, then they should consider giving Michelle an important role on the network, and maybe also recruiting her radio co-host, Gerard Dela Peña.

8. Lala Rimando
Over the years, TV5 has seemed to prioritize hiring eye candies over real journalists and that has given them a bad reputation. What better way to change the culture at the network than hiring one of the best in the business, Forbes' Lala Rimando.

Rimando, who has a stellar background as business journalist for Newsbreak, ABS-CBN and Rappler, would be the best choice to work hand in hand with Twink Macaraig in forming Bloomberg TV Philippines' programming and news coverage.

7. Raine Musngi
First Look anchor Raine Musngi has been one of the most loyal ANCers, having been part of the network for more than a decade. In our MNP interview last year, Musngi insisted that "if there is any challenge for growth at this point, it would be regional (Asia) or international." That doesn't mean though that she won't consider joining a localized Bloomberg channel if given a good and lucrative offer.

Musngi would be a very big acquisition for Bloomberg TV Philippines. She is not only easy to work with as said by many of our sources, but she is also a Jill of all trades — one who can write, produce and anchor with little hand-holding.

6. Edric Mendoza
On The Money host Edric Mendoza is more than just one of the hottest newsmen in the country (forget about that annual list), he is also a well respected young entrepreneur and business reporter.

Not only does Mendoza, who is also a registered financial planner, knows what's happening on the stock market, but he also makes it sure his viewers won't regret watching 30 minutes of his show by educating them with their financial goals and help them put in place their plans of achieving them.

5. Chi Bocobo
If there's one former TV5 newser who deserves a proper comeback, it's no other than Chi Bocobo, the anchor of the now-defunct AksyonTV newscast Balitang 60

From her years as a general assignment reporter — covering mostly business news — to becoming anchor to some of TV5's programs and special coverage, Bocobo has consistently shown she can hold her own, and that's more than enough reason why Mr. Lorenzana should ask her to come back and rejoin the TV5 family.

And besides, who doesn't like a good comeback story?

4. Warren De Guzman
Warren De Guzman has settled in well as one of the most visible and recognizable faces on the ABS-CBN News Channel. His dedication shines through every time you see him talking about the stock market index or talking to some of the top business leaders.

Over the years, De Guzman has also proved the powers that be that he has the right amount of skills and experience to cover even live breaking news and events.

3. Claire Celdran
Before returning to the country to join Solar News, Celdran was an accomplished news anchor and reporter for the New Jersey-based station EbruTV. There, she was able to cover all sorts of stories — from politics to health to financial news — and harnessed her skills as a journalist.

Celdran would be a perfect addition to Bloomberg TV Philippines because she cannot only handle hard news, but could also conduct smart conversations. As seen on her stint on Daybreak, Celdran always managed to come up with wide-ranging and engaging interviews. Also, Celdran could bring in more potential viewers to the network as she has a solid following.

2. Coco Alcuaz
This is equally likely and unlikely to happen, but we thought this list wouldn't be complete without the dean of business news. A deal might appeal to Alcuaz given his past association with Bloomberg, where he served as its Manila bureau chief from 2000-2011. On the other hand, Alcuaz might turn down any offers considering his stature now as one of ANC's most important anchors.

Alcuaz would be a big get for Bloomberg Philippines as he is the one of the most trusted voices in business news — one that viewers can rely on to when they need sharp-witted analysis of issues concerning business and the growing economy. His nightly reports on Business Nightly and The World Tonight are always appointment viewing, not only because they are always substantive, but also because Alcuaz himself never fails to keep his focus on bigger and more important issues.

1. Nancy Irlanda
Irlanda would be a big get for Bloomberg TV Philippines as she is one of most respected voices in business news, having been a business news anchor since 1998. In her years with ANC, Irlanda was able to get the trust of some of top people in the business sector, helping her land exclusive interviews with the likes of Ayala Land Chairman Fernando Zobel, Aboitiz Equity Ventures CEO Erramon Aboitiz, Zesto Chairman Alfredo M. Yao, and Intel Chairman Craig Barett, among many others.

After leaving her anchor perch at Solar News in 2014, Irlanda became the Vice President for Business Development at Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation — a job she still currently holds. But who said she's not looking for a new television home? Irlanda and Bloomberg TV Philippines would be a match made in heaven.

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