News5 reporter's Facebook post receives mixed reactions

By Media Newser Philippines | Thursday, January 08, 2015

Updated: January 8, 2014, 8:01AM

A number of our loyal readers sent us a link to a Facebook post made by TV5 reporter Jen Calimon. (It has since been deleted, so we can't link to it.)

While covering the situation in Escolta, Manila, where a fire damaged an abandoned building, Calimon posted a photo with a caption: "Uuwing masaya after 3 live reports. Salamat mga kaibigan sa MPD sa pagkumbinsing may ilalaang mas magandang story sa akin si Lord. I love my beat!! #manila #EscoltaFire #hugot."

Reactions to her post have been mixed, with some saying she came across as too insensitive, while others were quick to defend her. Reporter Mike Cohen commented: "Well, in the news beat that's part of it. Wala naman ibang ibig sabihin yan kung hindi she's happy she did her job well. Some may find it different but wala naman masamang sinabi and no one got hurt in that fire, by the way in an abandoned building, so yun lang yun."

On her Facebook account, Calimon posted an apology, saying: "Patawad kung hindi ako naging sensitibo pero hindi po iyon ang intensyon at ibig kong sabihin. Sobrang masakit na po ang mga sinabi sa akin dahil wala naman akong ginawa at intensyong masama. Salamat sa mga kaibigang nagmamalasakit at nakakaunawa."

This is not the first social media gaffe which involved a TV5er. Back in September, Shawn Yao drew flaks when she called Moriones, Tondo, the "scariest place and stinky armpit of Metro Manila."

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