News5 reporter Fiona Nicolas jumps to Solar News

By Media Newser Philippines | Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Longtime TV5 reporter Fiona Nicolas is joining the soon-to-be displaced Solar News (9News).

In her new role, Nicolas will be doing a series of investigative and political reports for the Sunny Network. "I'm a journalist and will always be one. It's my passion, it's in my heart. Solar gave me the opportunity to practice my craft," she tells us during an interview this afternoon.

Nicolas, who has served as a senior correspondent for TV5 for 8 years, was known in media circles to have deep sources in political beat, especially in the House of Representatives. Before leaving the Kapatid Network, she was able to do an exclusive report on the Aman Futures scam through Luchi Cruz Valdes' now-defunct nightly program Reaksyon.

"Solar has a reputation now of imparting stories of national interest, and I think it's a good way of contributing to a better, informed viewers," she said. "I'd like to be a part of that team. I respect how other stations do their story lineups, but I think Solar's principles suit me best."

Nicolas will make her Solar debut on Monday, August 18.

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