Ces Oreña-Drilon: 'I stand by my stories on the Maguindanao massacre'

By Media Newser Philippines | Saturday, August 09, 2014

Screenshot: ABS-CBN
A recent report filed by Bandila news anchor Ces Oreña-Drilon about a notebook which allegedly contains the names of people allegedly bribed to jeopardize the Maguindanao massacre case, is not only malicious but is also unverified, according to DOJ prosecutor Richard Anthony Fadullon.

Fadullon, among the names mentioned in the report, said it was irresponsible to air an unverified story.

"I find that report very irresponsible, very unprofessional," he said. "It becomes doubly irresponsible when the one who reports it doesn't take time to validate the information. That's what I call irresponsible journalism."

He adds that he is contemplating on filing charges against Drilon and her employer, ABS-CBN.

Drilon, meanwhile, maintains that she stands by her story, tweeting: "What drives me is not a scoop, but public accountability especially in a landmark case involving the Maguindanao massacre."

"I stand by my stories on the Maguindanao massacre," she said.

DOJ secretary Leila De Lima in a report said that she would analyze the latest developments in the case and would summon Oreña-Drilon in NBI's probe on the issue. “She was the one who reported that, and she claims to have seen the alleged notebook and the alleged names,” she said.

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