Hilary Isaac named new co-host of 'Solar Daybreak'

By Media Newser Philippines | Saturday, June 07, 2014

Screenshot: Solar News
"The important thing is that you feel companionship," said Hilary Isaac during a discussion on pets on Friday's Solar Daybreak.

Those exact words might also apply to the Sunny Network's morning show as the week started with Isaac joining Claire Celdran as her newest co-host.

With no announcements or hints of transition, the powers that be at Solar News quietly installed the telegenic radio DJ turned news anchor as permanent replacement for Amelyn Veloso, who is now anchoring her own two-hour public service program Serbisyo All Access.

While reformats aren't exactly new in this business (just ask TV5!), and I'm sure that this has been carefully thought through, it's still baffling for viewers who consider Amelyn and Claire as their morning companions. It also doesn't help the fact that the two developed a loyal following — largely credited of course to their free-flowing chemistry — so splitting them may create a significant decline in the ratings. In our review published last year, we wrote:
What's commendable about Celdran and Veloso is that their partnership seems genuine and that they like each other. Aside from that, they never try to outshine one another. It's always a give-and take-scenario whenever they conduct studio interviews and when they do banters. It's like seeing Amelyn as the older sister with all the wisdom and experience, and Claire as the younger sister with that impressive track record and hunger for quality journalism. Chemistry is what fuels the show, and they clearly found the right tandem with these two.
Celdran with Isaac and weathergirl Pat Fernandez
Screenshot: Solar News
It will be fascinating to watch if the Celdran and Isaac tandem will establish any sort of rhythm in the days and weeks to come. All eyes will surely be on Ms. Isaac, the former co-anchor of Solar Nightly News, to see if she can be as warm and affable as Ms. Veloso, and if she can flex her muscles doing the news and conducting interviews in early morning hours.

Will her entry on Solar Daybreak be a reprise of her stint on Solar Nightly News? Can she breathe new life into the show? It's too early to tell. All I can say is that viewers SHOULD start giving her a second look even though Amelyn is just a tough act to follow.

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