A week of big interviews for Pia Hontiveros

By Media Newser Philippines | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you were glued to your TV sets and tuning in to Solar News Channel these past two nights, then you've probably seen Pia Hontiveros' interview with John Allen Jr., a Vatican expert who visited Manila last week for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Divine Word Seminary.

Allen, who is also an analyst for CNN, was asked to share his insights about Pope Francis, who just recently marked his first year as leader of the Catholic church.

"The Pope did a masterful job of rounding up the picture for himself because within 48 hours, he had already created a narrative for himself as the kind of maverick Pope of the people and Pope of the poor," he said.

Hontiveros also asked Allen about his perspective on the Catholicism in the country, as well as his take on Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle.

"The Filipinos are the new missionaries and evangelist of 21st century Catholicism. As Filipino Catholicism rises or falls, so too will the Catholic church will rise or fall in this era," he said.

"In some ways, Tagle was Francis before Francis was Francis," Allen said, adding that Cardinal Tagle represents a humbler, simpler church that is more in touch with the struggles of ordinary people.

Aside from this big get, Hontiveros also snagged an interview with Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno. The two talked about the issue of judicial independence, backlogs of cases, controversial rulings on the reproductive health and cybercrime law, and her state of mental health, which has been a recent topic on social media.

The interview will air tonight on News.PH at 7PM.

Watch the teaser video below: