Philippine Star profiles 'Tunay Na Buhay' host Rhea Santos

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bot Gloriosio, writer for The Philippine Star had a particular subject on the Monday edition of his 24/7 column: GMA-7 anchor Rhea Santos.

Santos shared a bit of her personal life, her day-to-day activities, and her childhood dream, among many others.

Santos, who is without question one of the best interviewers on TV today, also shared her thoughts on how to conduct a good interview: "To make them (interviewee) comfortable, I also share a piece of my life before we start and I do tell them that we come clean, walang malisya because Tunay na Buhay is not just about showing the glamour side, it also imparts lessons to televiewers.”

“I specifically enjoy interviewing people. I always tell that this job taught me not to judge people and be kind to them because you do not know what they’re going through. I, too, was guilty of judging people before, but once you are given the chance what Tunay na Buhay has given me — to know them — you will see how beautiful these people are. They have pure hearts and it would really make you understand why people act the way they do, or why they behave in a certain way kasi may pinagdaanan pala sila during childhood," she added.

Also for Santos, a good research is a must before conducting an interview and that it’s a no-no to push her guests to divulge anything against their will. “I always tell them that it’s okay not to discuss certain issues if they’re not comfortable to do so. But what’s nice is that none so far felt uncomfortable in the show because I try to balance din naman.”

Santos also shared her childhood dream of becoming a beauty queen. “My childhood dream is to become a beauty queen and my mom also instilled that to me. But along the way, you get to realize what you really want to do in life so nung high school pa college yun na yung crossroads na ano ba talaga ang gusto ko i-pursue, I love watching TV, interviewing and observing people and pansin ko when I was in high school I love watching news so I guess that made me decide to take up Masscom so I can be part of the news industry.”

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