Flipper: Korina pens column on The Philippine Star, Solar News goes nationwide this December

By Media Newser Philippines | Sunday, November 24, 2013

✓ Korina Sanchez has penned a column on The Philippine Star about the government's shortcomings in the handling of the situation in Visayas, and how they can improve the country's disaster preparedness and response.

A portion below:
Slowly, the cities, towns and barangays are getting back on their feet. As relief goods become more available, they realize that they do have to rebuild their lives, no matter how hard they were hit by the storm. That's the unparalleled Filipino spirit that the whole world is witnessing, and admiring. A testament to Filipino resilience. So as things creep their way into a semblance of normalcy, perhaps the government should take the time to assess what went wrong, and what to do to prevent future miscues from happening again. The government has admitted shortcomings, while some sectors and individuals would prefer to crucify those who tried their best despite limited resources. 
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 In just about 8 days, Solar News will begin broadcasting in free TV by occupying channel 9. Some of the changes come December include an expanded airtime and primetime slot for its current affairs programs, Legal HD, MedTalk, News.PH, News Cafe, and Atty. Rod Nepomuceno's Opposing Views.

You may remember that we made mention of the said transition in our yearender report published in January, in which we named Solar News as one of the WINNERS in broadcast media of 2012.
2013 may be Solar News' year to prove its mettle covering the mid-term elections and expanding its reach in doing investigative reporting and documentaries. They will also get a more equal treatment this year, undergoing a transition period with Solar News Channel occupying Channel 9 and a possible launching of a brand new AM station.
Watch the promo video below:

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