Connie Sison earns praise for keeping composure during bizarre interview with Sen. Gordon

By Media Newser Philippines | Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Screenshot: GMA-7
Tuesday's broadcast of Unang Hirit was COVID-19 heavy — as it should be — but it took one bizarre phone patch interview to make it a top-trending topic on Twitter.

The interview, which was conducted by Connie Sison, was with Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon, who is also the chairman of the Philippine Red Cross.

The exchange began smoothly as the two spoke about the swab tests being done by the government and whether the PRC can meet the deadline set by President Rodrigo Duterte on the release of COVID-19 test results of OFWs who up to this day remain in quarantine facilities.

Watch: Presidential Spox Harry Roque goes off on CNN Philippines reporter on live TV

By Media Newser Philippines | Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Screenshot: PTV
In what was an unusual exchange Tuesday, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque went off on CNN Philippines reporter Triciah Terada for what he claimed an inaccurate report she made.

The exchange, which happened during the live virtual press briefing, began when Terada asked a follow-up on the so-called "expanded targeted testing" of the government.

Terada asked: "Sir, I understand the term now that we are using is expanded targeted testing or that the direction that were moving towards to. Pero, Sir, since iyon nga po iyong statement yesterday, many reacted in the negative, noong sinabi pong iiwan iyong testing doon sa private sectors, at least doon po iyon sa anti — iyong sa rapid test po. Pero, Sir, the question now is: Bakit po hindi magawa iyong mass testing?"

Howie Severino shares experience as COVID-19 survivor in a special 'I-Witness' documentary

By Media Newser Philippines | Thursday, April 16, 2020
Photo: GMA-7
GMA News pillar and veteran journalist Howie Severino shares his personal experience as a COVID-19 survivor in a special documentary of I-Witness airing this Saturday (April 18) after Tadhana.

As someone who is physically active and in good health, Howie, who also serves as GMA Network’s Safety Officer, thought he would be the last person to contract the coronavirus. He was wrong.

After a fever of seven days, Howie discovered he had pneumonia. Days later, he would test positive for COVID-19 and became Patient 2828.

In the hospital, Howie met a nurse who was interested in documentaries. Howie urged him to document his life as a frontliner. Being a patient, Howie also became a subject of this documentation.

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Former BBC anchor Rico Hizon joining CNN Philippines

By Media Newser Philippines | Friday, March 27, 2020
Screenshot: BBC
International journalist Rico Hizon is the newest member of the CNN Philippines family.

In an internal memo obtained by Media Newser Philippines Friday, CNN Philippines President Armie Jarin-Bennett announced that Hizon will be joining the local CNN station as Senior Anchor and Director for News Content Development. His first day is on Monday, March 30th.

"While our brave front liners are protecting and saving lives, we in media also have a vital role in response to COVID-19. We face a different battle. We have to fight the rumors and misinformation. We have to keep spreading the facts, to empower people with information they need and trust. And what better time to have a respected, award-wining news anchor join our team. I’m delighted to let you know that Rico Hizon will be joining us starting Monday, March 30th, as Senior Anchor and Director for News Content Development," Jarin-Bennett wrote in the memo.

As the network continues its coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hizon will also take over the 9PM slot, the memo notes, adding that he will — like other CNN Philippines anchors — be reporting from its virtual newsroom.

GMA Public Affairs makes multi-million peso camera upgrades

By Media Newser Philippines | Thursday, March 12, 2020
Photo: GMA-7
Canon Singapore Senior Officer Yi Ci Low (rightmost)
flew in from Singapore to conduct the training on the 
Canon C700 FFs for the documentarists and
videographers of GMA Public Affairs.
True to its commitment to provide world-class content to its viewers around the globe, GMA Public Affairs just purchased units of the latest in ARRI’s camera line – the Alexa Mini LF. The ARRI cameras, widely considered as the benchmark in image quality for film production, are the cameras of choice of almost all movies that make it to the roster of Oscar nominees year after year. With this purchase by its Public Affairs department, GMA Network, Inc. becomes the first broadcast company in the country to use the Alexa Mini-LF.

The newly-launched Alexa Mini-LF packs the Alexa large-format sensor into the compact size and low-weight body of the Alexa Mini. Intended for use in GMA’s upcoming film projects and biggest primetime dramas, the Alexa Mini-LF will give the best image quality in these productions. GMA’s acquisition also includes the ARRI Signature Prime lenses, known to exemplify state of the art optical precision while rendering organic, emotionally engaging images.