Exclusive: Claire Celdran resigns as co-anchor of 'Daybreak'

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Updated: September 30, 2014, 6:59PM
9News VP for News and Current Affairs Pal Marquez sent a short statement shortly after we published this story, saying: "Claire made her decision and we thank her for her contributions to the network's growth."

Claire Celdran, co-anchor of Daybreak, has resigned from the 9TV morning show.

9TV has yet to issue an official statement about her departure, but multiple sources have confirmed the news to Media Newser Philippines.

Celdran, considered to be one of the original Solar News pillars, was last seen on the show during its September 22nd broadcast.

9 changes 9News should implement to become a major player again in the local TV news industry

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Sunday, September 28, 2014
Solar News, now known as 9News, is at a crossroads of sorts. The network, then-known as a game changer in the local television news industry, now faces growing criticism with their shift in priorities.

First, they lost one of their pillars, Nancy Irlanda, in January and retooled her newscast, Solar Nightly News, into a personality-driven program — showcasing the chemistry between Mitzi Borromeo and Hilary Isaac with unnecessary banters and informal chitchats. The experiment turned out to be a total flop with viewers criticizing the network's decision to "jazz up" the program.

Michelle Mediana leaves News5

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Michelle Mediana is no longer with News5. The lady reporter confirmed the news to Media Newser Philippines, saying she decided to leave the Kapatid Network to explore other career opportunities.

"A new door opened for me. I think it is what's best for my growth right now," she said, while not exactly revealing what she's going to do next. "News will always be my first love but right now, I'll have to see how things pan out for me. I'm also excited to venture into this new adventure that I'm getting myself into."

Mediana was a fan favorite among Kapatid news viewers — best known for her stint on Presinto 5, alongside Carla Lim and Jeff Caparas. She made news in 2013 after becoming a subject of the Taiwanese media, while covering the aftermath of the fatal shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by a Philippine Coast Guard vessel.

Documentary program 'Mukha' to air on ABS-CBN beginning tonight

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Monday, September 15, 2014
Veteran film, theater, and TV actor Soliman Cruz is a familiar sight along Roxas Boulevard where he is often seen walking along the seawall, talking to himself, or sleeping on the boardwalk. How did he become a homeless wanderer in the city?

Know more about his struggles in documentary program “Mukha,” which starts airing on Monday (Sept 15) on ABS-CBN at 11PM after “Bandila.” The program features fascinating people and their journey through life, highlighting the human struggle and the inevitable triumph of the human spirit.

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News5's Shawn Yao draws flak over comments about Tondo

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Sunday, September 14, 2014
Is Moriones, Tondo the scariest place in Metro Manila? That was the question raised by TV5 teleprompter reader, Shawn Yao, on her Instagram account.

The photo, uploaded on Thursday during a coverage for Aksyon Tonite, drew ire from netizens who felt displeased with her remarks about Tondo, which she called the "scariest place and stinky armpit of Metro Manila."

MNP Q&A: Chi Bocobo, Former ABC-5/TV5 News Anchor

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Tuesday, September 09, 2014
Chi Bocobo's broadcasting career has spanned almost two decades. She began her career back in the '90s and became one of then-ABC-5's most recognizable faces.

She would later leave network news to study at the prestigious New York University taking up television news production. "More than the technical and theoretical lessons I learned in NYU, it was the experience of covering the news in New York City I consider priceless. I became more broadminded as I encountered people from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds," she said.

Paolo Bediones resigns as anchor of 'Aksyon Tonite'

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Saturday, September 06, 2014
Paolo Bediones, one of the pillars of News5, has resigned as co-anchor of Aksyon Tonite.

The Philippine Star's Ricky Lo first reported the news Saturday saying he "was informed that Paolo has resigned as newscaster but remains as host of the Public Affairs show Demolisyon, while the NBI, upon Paolo’s request, continues to search for whatever evil mind has uploaded those videos in the Internet."

Using his Instagram account, Bediones left a short note on Wednesday saying: "Some of the hardest and most painful decisions in life actually free us from living life in fear. Have a blessed Wednesday everyone."

Revisiting GMA News' 'Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco'

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Tuesday, September 02, 2014
It was the year of 1999: Joseph "Erap" Estrada entered his 2nd year in office as President — Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was his second-in-command, a devastating landslide occurred in Cherry Hills subdivision in Antipolo, and the MILF continued attacks on government forces in the southern islands. Back then you probably relied mostly on television for news.

If you were a news junkie at that time, then you probably followed the about-to-change television news landscape — this was of course during the pre-social networking era. Chances are, you were one of those who spent half an hour each night watching the boob tube to catch the biggest news of the day.

ABS-CBN to re-air award-winning documentary 'Agosto Beinte-Uno'

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Saturday, August 23, 2014
ABS-CBN’s internationally-acclaimed documentary on former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s assassination titled  “Agosto Beinte-Uno: Ang Pagpatay Kay Ninoy Aquino” airs again this Sunday (August 24) to commemorate one of the country’s biggest events in the history that led to the return of democracy.

The documentary, which was first aired in 2013, received commendations from different award giving bodies, including a Silver World Medal (Graphic Design: Promotion/Open & ID category) and finalist certificate (Television: Documentary/Information Program category) from New York Festivals, and a Silver Screen Award (Television: Documentary Biography category) from US International Film & Video Festival.

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News5 finally grabs attention with Atty. Mel Sta. Maria's interview with PNoy

BY MEDIANEWSER.COM TEAM | Monday, August 18, 2014
Sometimes an interview can bore you off a little because it's either too long or the questions being asked by the interviewer appears too repetitive. It can also turn you off when the interviewer tries so hard to grab a gotcha soundbite from the interviewee.

Fortunately for Atty. Mel Sta. Maria's interview with President Aquino aired last night, it didn't face any of those problems. It was straightforward, intelligently done, and most importantly, answered many of our questions.

Whether you're a rightest or leftist, no one can argue with the fact that this interview was new and novel, especially for those who await the President's take on the possible amendment of the Cory Constitution, and the passage of the long-delayed FOI or Freedom of Information bill, among others.